Vlog: Taco Tuesday with Ace – Episode 2: KFOXTV Sports Anchor Patrick Chalvire

Taco Tuesday with Ace Episode 2 with Special Guest – KFOXTV Sports Anchor Patrick Chalvire.

Join me as I sit down with the former Miami native as we take a look at the journey from Life as a Sports reporter from FIU and sunny Florida all the way to the Sun City!
We talk about Cuban and Mexican foods and the grand spectacle that is Texas High school football and of course grab a bite of some Tacos!


Join me as I sit down and chat with some fascinating guests from Sports and entertainment, community leaders, TV and Radio personalities and people who have made a great impact in the community.

We will take a trip down memory lane and get a in depth look at what drives them, what adventures they have experienced and talk about some of the Ups, Downs and everything in between and of course eat some Tacos.