VLog: TNTM How to Instructions for Diamond Dotz art kit

Diamond Dotz are like a new fangled version of the old paint/color by numbers. Each kit contains everything you need to complete the artwork. It’s as easy as matching the correct dots to the right place on the art, easy-peezy.

Official Description

What is Diamond Dotz?
Diamond Dotz is an amazing new craft where stunning designs are created with tiny “diamond” like facets. Our diamond facet art kits will produce a stunning shimmery effect, featuring a broad range of designs that cater to all tastes.

The process of picking up the beads and placing them onto the chart is easy, relaxing and quick making it possible to complete even large size designs in a matter of days. The end result is an exquisite design that is so visually spectacular that it will have you eager to do more!

How does Diamond Dotz work?
With a light touch, you are finishing a beautiful piece of artwork that will be admired by all. Using the tool provided, tap on the bead to pick it up and tap it down right where the chart tells you to. It couldn’t get any easier! Tell me about the beads The beads are premium/luxury 2.8mm epoxy resin diamond facets made of first grade raw materials (not recycled). The unique facet design has 13 different surfaces that reflect light and create a more spectacular finished result.

Who can do a Diamond Dotz project?
The project box says from 8 to 80, but from testing we found that kids as young as 4 can finish a Diamond Dotz starter kit.

What tools do I need to complete a Diamond Dotz project?
Everything you need to complete a project is included in every kit. There is nothing extra you need to buy.

Will I run out of Diamond Dotz beads?
No, you will not run out of beads as each kit comes with more than enough beads to complete a project.

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