arveiaturace unbox
arveiaturace unbox

VLog: TNTM unbox & review of D&D Icons of the Realms Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden Arveiaturace

Those who have played any of the campaigns from Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden should be well aware of Arveiaturace.

Arveiaturace (pronounced ar-vay-AH-chur-us) is an ancient white dragon. She was more intelligent and patient than most other white dragons and vastly more sensitive. She still retained her kind’s lust for revenge and instinct for savagery, and was not gentle or kind by any means.

The skeletal rider atop Arveiaturace is a wizard named Meltharond Thone. He captured and tamed her. Over the centuries of her servitude her hatred for him turned slowly to love. When he died sometime around 1326 DR, she was plunged into melancholy. Even after Meltharond’s death Arveiaturace still carried his skeletal remains and rider’s palanquin on her back. In his later years, Meltharond used a complex web of spells to keep his bones intact and in their proper place. These magics continued even after his death, causing his skeleton to sit upright and even move his skull to face whichever direction Arveiaturace was facing.

Arveiaturace preyed on ships all along the Sword Coast, sometimes destroying them entirely in the process. She seemed to be committed to eating as many sailors as she could, and in making all seafarers and other dragons terrified at the prospect of journeying north of Ruathym. Few ships could mount appropriate defenses against Arveiaturace’s overwhelming attacks.

After Meltharond’s death, Iceclaws became overwhelmed by loneliness to the point that she sometimes spared would-be-victims, provided they shared her dislike of wizards, did not try to attack her, and had the presence of mind to try communicating with her. She was even known to, on rare occasions, rescue shipwreck victims when offered lavish rewards and treated with respect. Several humans snatched by Arveiaturace actually survived captivity in her lair after enduring roughly a month’s worth of terrifying and suspicious conversations with the wyrm. Provided these captives did not attack her or steal any of Meltharond’s things, Iceclaws was happy to fly them home to any location on Faerûn as soon as they admitted to feeling lonely. The accounts of these survivors made up the brunt of what was known about Arveiaturace and her lair.

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