carnage black white blood
carnage black white blood

VLog: TNTM’s Troy reviews Marvel Comics Carnage Black, White, & Blood #1

Symbiotes have been around for a while, but it seems like Marvel is really using them a lot lately.

Ever since Peter Parker brought the first symbiote back from Klyntar during Secret War, symbiotes have been popping up all over the Marvel Universe.

It started with Venom, who spawned Carnage. Carnage is arguably one of the stronger symbiotes. He also has a penchant for murder. In Carnage Black, White, & Blood #1 we see Carnage teaming up with another homicidal symbiote, Shriek and fighting several Marvel heroes.

There is also a stand-alone type throwback story about Carnage taking over an Old West Marshall and his horse. It was a good story, but it felt out of place in this comic. Maybe they will tie it to something else later in the series.

That is not the only thing I found strange in this issue. They put in a rather lengthy “choose your own adventure” type story as well. The adventure story follows you being introduced to the Carnage symbiote. Your mission is to be able to control the symbiote and use it’s power for good. I played through the game a few times and you either succeed in taming Carnage or you fail miserably and kill nearly everyone around you. There is nothing in between.

Watch the video to get my full review of Carnage Black, White, & Blood #1.

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