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Monday , September 23 2019
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Video+Story: Walking Dead Season 9 Whisperer War

The Walking Dead comic book has been a great success for Image Comics. It has been an even bigger hit as a TV series for AMC. Sure, there are zombies (walkers) in the show, but they are merely background for the actual drama of the show.

The Walking Dead is really about how bad humans treat each other when the societal norms crumble and it becomes every man/woman for themselves to survive. Inevitably some people rise to the position of leader of their group. Some of those leaders are good (Rick Grimes). Other leaders go too far with their authority and become villains.

The Walking Dead has given us some really good villains in their run so far. We have had Merle Dixon, the Governor, Negan, and now we are gonna be introduced to the Whisperers.

The Whisperers are a group that believe to survive we need to devolve to a more animalistic nature. They don’t protect the women or the weak. They believe they must endure to make them tough enough to live. They travel around in suits made of walker skins and they speak in hushed zombie-like tones. They can direct herds of walkers this way and effectively use them as weapons.

In the comics the Whisperers take out quite a few named survivors. They make life very hard for the survivors until they finally reach the point of war. In the comics the Whisperer War takes place over 6 issues. I believe it will consume the second half of season 9 and possibly spill over into season 10. In the comics, Negan is also a big help for the survivors in defeating the Whisperers. The TV series has deviated from the comic book while staying mostly true to the plot. We are interested to see how the Whisperer War unfolds in the TV series.

What do you think about The Walking Dead Whisperer War? Do you think they are a good foe for the survivors? Let us know in the comments.


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Utep Football Generic 728
Mountains 728
EP ELEC 2019 728×729
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