The Weekly Yelp: Omelets You Finish

Eggs are already one of the most versatile foods out there. And when you turn them into a fluffy pocket for cheeses, meats, and veggies, the tasty possibilities are endless!
So heat up those skillets and scramble those eggs because we’re taking you through some iconic omelets around town.
Ripe (American, Breakfast & Brunch, Vegetarian)
910 E Redd Rd
“…I had the mellow mushroom omelet. There were only good comments about our meals. Service was very good. When we are in El Paso at breakfast time, we know that we can’t go wrong with breakfast at Ripe.” – Brian O.

Brunch Club (American, Breakfast & Brunch, Juice & Smoothie)
125 N Mesa Hills Dr

“Definitely our new favorite brunch spot! The brunch selections provided a variety… the cook making omelets and French toast was a plus. This place is a must try.” – Charles Y.

The Kitchen At 150 Sunset (American, Breakfast & Brunch)
150 E Sunset Rd

“I ordered their special for the day: egg white smoked salmon omelet… Egg white omelet was cooked perfectly… The asparagus inside were cooked perfectly and the avocado was perfectly ripe.” – Roscelle S.

D’Lox (Breakfast & Brunch)
630 Sunland Park Dr

“Most recently I got the salmon omelet with a side of margarita fries. The omelet again was well cooked. The alfalfa sprouts on top made it feel like the sandwich I would always get from the Bagel Shop. The margarita fries were nice and tangy and salty.” – Eric M.

H&H Car Wash (Car Wash, Restaurant)
701 E Yandell Dr
“I ordered the omelet Mexican-style… It was excellent from the eggs to the ingredients in the omelet to the guacamole and to the green sauce.” – Terese C.

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