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Wednesday , July 18 2018
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Photo courtesy Whataburger

Whataburger Announces ‘Burger Verse Contest’ for National Burger Month

In honor of National Burger Month in May, Whataburger is calling fans to participate in the #BurgerVerseContest poetry contest.

“When we were deciding how we wanted to celebrate National Burger Month, we discussed all of the impressive social media content our customers have submitted over the years,” said Pam Cox, Vice President of Communications for Whataburger. “The #BurgerVerseContest was born! It’s our way of encouraging more of that creativity and rewarding our customers for their loyalty. We can’t wait to see what our fans submit!”

Rhymers and rappers alike will submit their best Whataburger poetry for the chance to win a moment of fame on Whataburger’s social media channels, free Whataburger for a Year and a $500 Ticketmaster gift card.

The company has seen a variety of Whataburger-inspired art over the years, from Whataburger odes to Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit songs and even tattoos, which sparked the idea for the poetry contest.

Here’s how the contest works:

• For three weeks beginning May 3, fans and poets alike can share their Whataburger-inspired poems (70 words max) on Whataburger’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels
• Poems will be judged based on originality, tone and whether the poem meets submission guidelines outlined below
• Each week during the contest, Whataburger will share three of the best poems as Whataburger-branded graphics on their social media channels and ask fans to vote for their favorite
• Each weekly winner will receive free Whataburger for a Year and a $500 gift card to Ticketmaster so winners can select concert tickets of their choice
• Visit for full contest rules and more information

Submission Guidelines Poem must:

• Mention Whataburger or a Whataburger menu item
• Be composed of 70 words or less
• Not include profanity
• Not mention other companies

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  1. At the end of a long hard day
    What do I do?
    Head to Whataburger for a #2
    Oh my gosh, it’s bigger than my eyes,
    HeySir, can I have more fries?
    Tummy’s now full,
    I’m in a happy state
    Thanks Whataburger,
    Us Texans think you’re great

  2. What a dream what a tasty delight, this Whataburger is out of sight!All the fries and sides are awesome , no lie, just give em a try ,the special sandwiches featured through out the year will have you wanting them and hold them dear.Look for the orange and white , day or night , the food is more than alright, the big W is dinner or lunch done with fun on the run.

  3. When you get a craving and you are done with waiting , Whataburger comes to mind, for the best of burgers anytime.Around the clock the food rocks, early morning,lunch, and dinner too, so much selection for all of you. Drive through or dine in , the menu is sure to satisfy you , with all the extras and drinks they serve and delicious cravings you deserve.

  4. Sunny Broesche

    Whataburger W so high in the sky that’s surely a sight rodeo cowboy want pass by!
    He will exit, u turn and go out of the way,
    Just to hear the words your Burger, shake & large fries on the way!
    The best Burger you’ll ever thrown down so we drive 100’s of miles to get to your town. Early morning shift you got that one too, with the best black coffee anyone can brew! Biscuits & gravy is always a must, so ya see its either Whataburger or bust!

  5. She took my truck and she took my dog,
    She took my toupee’, leaving me bald

    But the one thing she can”t do…..

    Is take my Whataburger
    Whataburger I love you……..!

  6. Her great aroma drifts through the air,
    love at first sight, we made a pair.
    Her on the table and I in my chair,
    I’ll eat her down without a care.

    • Carolyn Chatham

      Congratulations, Marion. Very nice poem. We’re never alone when we have our burger on the table with us.

    • Ginny from Corpus Christi

      I can smell that burger from a thousand miles away. Good job, Marion!

  7. Clyde Williams

    Exactly what do I have to do in order to enter
    your Verse Contest?

emergence 728×90 first aid rally 2018