• December 9, 2021
 Why It Matters: Chihuahuas clinch more than division

Why It Matters: Chihuahuas clinch more than division

You can’t ‘root, root, root’ for the home team from the press box.  Or so the story goes…

Logo: EP Chihuahuas
Logo: EP Chihuahuas

With the champagne now drying on the floor of the Reno Aces’ locker room, and the plastic being removed from the lockers, and the El Paso field crew now assured of at least one more tending to the freshly mowed oasis in downtown;  I can now share with you the profound baseball story from a couple weeks back.

I’ve been so juiced about the possibility of a pennant race/chase that I’ve kept going on and on about it. As in most of my non-work conversations rotated around the subject. Pennant Race this and pennant race that.

Until my first born had finally had enough. “Dad…what is a pennant and why the race?”

Once explained, he understood the meaning and smiled, and I instantly felt the gravity of the situation. I realize that baseball almost escaped us, and we almost lost a generation.

Almost gone. Like a pitch that breaks too far outside…and keeps on going…just out of reach of the catcher…and you feel his regret in missing that one pitch. That could have been us.

It really puts things into perspective – generationally that is – as I clearly remember every time the SunKings, then the Diablos, were in the thick of the chase. The sights, the sounds, the excitement. Almost gone. But now, most assuredly here. And real. Just like my rapidly growing collection of Chihuahua hats, now exceeding my beloved Red Sox collection.

Now I get to share that with my kids. Baseball therapy and familial legacy, ladies and gentlemen, you cannot beat it. Get in line (or on-line) early, because I’m pretty sure there’s a bunch of families that think the exact same way that I do.

So, go ahead and call me Mr. Simpson…because I’m a HOMER.

Go El Paso Chihuahuas!

Chris Babcock

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  • The El Paso Chihuahuas matter to most of us since El Paso is a baseball city, since you mentioned the El Paso Sun Kings,there was a time back in 1971 when there was no baseball played in El Paso anymore.
    The era of the Sun Kings had come to an end as the Texas League took the season off and reemerge back in 1972 and El Paso then had the short lived El Paso Sun Dodgers who played at Dudley Field for one season only.
    In that year the Sun Dodgers broke record attendance as almost one hundred thousand fans went to see the Sun Dodgers play and after that season was over they bolted out of El Paso for New Haven Connecticut so unexpectedly. It was a rude departure but the parent team the Los Angeles Dodgers claimed that El Paso was not a baseball town but all was not lost.
    In 1973 El Paso was able to once again field a team again to be called the Sun Kings and soon there after renamed the El Paso Diablos,and soon there would be a quality of life bond issue to build a new stadium.
    There was ongoing debate as to where the city should build the new stadium,either the Lower Valley or Northeast El Paso but central and downtown El Paso were out as no one was lobbying for those areas.
    I myself moved to San Francisco California in 1988 and came back to visit El Paso in the summer of 1993 and we went to see the Diablos play in their brand new Cohen stadium.
    I moved back to El Paso in 2010 but before then I had read a story about Hunt and Foster trying to buy a triple A team. Then I also read about Woody Hunt approaching Mayor John Cook over at city hall telling him that both him and Paul Foster were planning on acquiring the triple A team the Tucson Padres relocating it to El Paso but first they would have to build a new stadium. Mayor Cook sounded off and ask where would this new stadium be built. And Woody Hunt said to the mayor, your’e standing on it.
    End of story, I can’t wait till the El Paso Herald Post comes back into print publication.
    Go El Paso Chihuahuas!

  • OMG! Get a life its minor league baseball for gods sake! I can only imagine if you all were in a major league city like St. Louis……you would probably hyperventilate and pass out before every game. El Paso has a AAA team……not a AA or even single A baseball team. If you know about how minor leagues work especially at the AAA level you would know that wins are not as important as getting a player a short term step or a rehab assignment back to the major leagues. The players and coaches will tell you the same. In AA and A there is more team chemistry and players are more likely to be in one place alot longer. In AAA the players just go through the motions and could care less where they are. If they had a choice of playing in a AAA playoff series or playing in one mlb game they would 99.9% choose the 1MLB game. Unfortunately just like in Tucson once the town of El Paso educates itself that it thinks its a major town because of AAA baseball, the team will continue to sucker El Paso. The money should have been better suited to improve infrastrucure and bring business. Not a AAA baseball team.

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