Annie Glenn, Rene Carpenter, Louise Shepard, Betty Grissom, Trudy Cooper and Marjorie Slayton. Not pictured: Josephine Schirra. (Photo courtesy of NPR – Harvey Georges/AP)

‘Women of the Space Program’ presentation set for Sunday

The International Museum Of Art is headed to space, thanks to the Iva Turney Society for Arts and Adventure presentation this Sunday, November 10th.

New Mexico Museum of Space History Curator Sue Taylor will speak on the Unsung Women in the Space Program, women who have contributed massive amounts of information that helped to launch the Space Race; who have been hidden from the world.

“Some were engineers, others worked on satellites,” Jay Duncan, Director of the Sunset Film Society shares. “Thanks to the film, Hidden Figures, Katherine Johnson and other Computers is now a household word, but how about Barbara Paulson, Pearl Young and Susan Finley? What contributions did they make?”

“The same can be said about the wives of the Astronauts. We all know about Scott Carpenter, John Glenn and all the other men who were America’s first astronauts, but what do we know about Rene Carpenter, dubbed the undisputed prom queen of the early space program, or Annie Glenn, who suffered from and later conquered a severe speech impediment, or all the other wives of the space explorers? They may not have flown but they were just as important to the space program providing emotional support for their husbands,” Duncan added.

The presentation is scheduled for 2pm at the International Museum Of Art, in the auditorium.