Workforce Solutions Borderplex expands Child Care Services

On Wednesday afternoon, officials with Workforce Solutions Borderplex (WSB) announced that the organization will be broadening child care services. 

Open enrollment for general child care is active now, allowing families the opportunity to potentially qualify for coverage of child care expenses. Due to circumstances surrounding the pandemic, WSB is only accepting applications electronically.  For more information or assistance, please call (915) 500-7665.

“Now more than ever are we seeing a surge in child care center enrollment.  With parents working and so many students in distance learning mode, it is critical that we make sure our children are cared for properly,” said Leila Melendez, CEO of WSB.

Due to the rising demand in child care, WSB will be opening the program to a new group of caregivers by expanding support to unemployed relatives serving in roles as providers.

The process to become an approved provider begins with a background check with the Department of Family and Protective Services.  Once qualifications are confirmed, WSB determines eligibility and pay rate for the listed provider.  The timeline to complete the entire process could take up to 75 days.  It is critical that the child’s parent also qualifies for child care services.

“We know there are so many extended family members caring for children of relatives and often helping them with distance learning from home.  It would be great to see those family members earn a little income while doing so,” added Melendez.

WSB is also prepared to assist existing child care centers with the qualifications needed to become part of its Child Care Services network.  Interested child care centers should  click here for more information, email WSB at or call (915) 500-7665.