Workforce Solutions Borderplex outlines 2021’s Hot Jobs

Workforce Solutions Borderplex (WSB) shared the organization’s latest report, 2021 Hot Jobs, which features the most current trends in job growth, job openings, and hourly wage information. 

WSB officials say the goal of the report is to provide a forecasting resource for all types of job seekers.

“More than ever, the direction of one’s career path is critical as we face drastic changes in the workforce. Our 2021 Hot Jobs List is a valuable tool meant to spark a hopeful vision among citizens that aligns their life purpose with an opportunistic career,” said Leila Melendez, CEO of Workforce Solutions Borderplex.

“This report should serve as a starting point in the WSB career guidance journey, and we want to remind the community of the toolbox of resources we offer that aim to tap into an individual’s potential. The downtime in the workforce is an excellent opportunity map out a 2021 destination and commit to a career purpose.”

WSB developed the 2021 Hot Jobs report to offer detailed information on jobs that have experienced at least 10% growth in the last 10 years.  These include jobs that have at least 10  or more positions, currently open in the region, as well as an hourly wage of at least $12.51.

In addition, the report indicates where occupations rank high in top wage quartiles and/or STEM/advanced industries.  Similarly, the report shows which occupations are projected to see a slowing or “cooling” in growth in the next ten years.

Worth noting are the new jobs on the 2021 list by job category.

Computer Information Systems:  Operations Research Analysts

Construction:  Operating Engineers and Other Construction Equipment Operators

Defense:  Police, Fire and Ambulance Dispatchers

Education:  Preschool Teachers (except Special Education)

Finance:  Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerks

Industrial Manufacturing:  Medical Equipment Repairers

Medical and Health:  Medical and Health Service Managers, Health Technologists and Technicians and Others, and Dental Assistants

WSB encourages job seekers to download the 2021 Hot Jobs report or find eligible training providers via this link.  The organization provides assistance in career placement in addition to training and education for eligible job seekers.

To speak with a Workforce Solutions Borderplex Career Navigator, visit the chat service online and click on “Ask Chuy” where a live person is available to assist job seekers between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday.  “Ask Chuy” can set virtual appointments as well.

For more information, email or call the hotline at 915-887-2600.