Workforce Solutions Offers Military Spouses, Transitional Soldiers Free Tuition for National Certification Programs

Workforce Solutions Borderplex (WSB), in partnership with Fort Bliss and the Texas and El Paso Apartment Associations, announced a new program, exclusively offer military spouses and transitioning soldiers.

According to a news release on Monday, WSB’s new partnership will allow eligible participants to earn their certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT) or their National Apartment Leasing Professional certification (NALP) free of charge to eligible candidates.

WSB is offering military spouses and transitioning soldiers the opportunity to earn nationally recognized certifications that will enable them to acquire coveted positions within the apartment management/building maintenance professions with more ease, in professions that offer great compensation and flexibility.

Eligible program candidates would be able to earn their nationally recognized certifications, at no cost courtesy of WSB, and these candidates will also be eligible for childcare services (first come, first serve), as well as the ability to meet employers ready to hire newly certified professionals.

Neci Hamilton, a graduate of the NALP program, and now a Property Manager for Creekside Apartment Homes in Fort Worth explained that “the hardest thing for a transitioning military service member is not knowing how the skills they acquired in the military translate to those needed in the civilian world.”

Neci shared that, from her personal experience, she did not realize how much her military background would influence how well she performs in her current role as a Property Manager.

“There are so many skills that military personnel possess that are in high demand within the apartment industry. We naturally fit within this industry because we adapt well and we understand the importance of teamwork and structure.”

The National Apartment Leasing Professional Certification (NALP) is a 4-week program that can potentially lead to roles in apartment complex management or commercial leasing.

The Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT) program is a 6-week program that can lead to roles in building maintenance. These exciting certification programs are also meaningful in that they provide transitioning soldiers with an opportunity to acquire a profession that will provide a more seamless transition out of service.

Ms. Hamilton shared that from an employer viewpoint “it’s difficult to find great people to fill positions in our industry” and most of the time, new candidates require specific skill training upon hire. The in-depth training from the NALP and CAMT certification programs will provide candidates with hands-on experience that they can put to use their first day of employment.

For more information about the CAMT and NALP certification programs, please contact Martha Loya at (915) 887-2051.