Tuesday , March 20 2018
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Yolitzma Aguirre

yoliA little about me, I am a proud El Paso, TX native that relocated to Dallas, TX in order to pursue a great opportunity in publishing.

My former role as a National Director of Communications and Special Events for Latino Leaders Magazine, gave me the opportunity to travel and meet a variety of notable and accomplished Latinos across the country, it has also caused me to rethink my position on many things, one area in particular, my mission.

I have discovered what I love to do; which is to meet and promote people who have a story to tell, I am their story-teller. From the moment I moved, my vision expanded and I realized how blessed I am to be a bi-lingual, educated young woman. I want to cultivate and increase my skills, to continue to grow and have a greater voice in helping promote a space for the next generation.

Aside from my magazine duties, which keep me boarding a flight for most of the year; when I am able to be home, I love to catch a baseball game, (GO YANKEES!) or check out one of the awesome festivals going on in town on any given weekend. Music is my great escape, from classical to classic rock and everything in-between; if The Beatles or Maná songs are blasting from my headphones, it’s a sure sign I am in the zone. Current obsession: ratchet reality TV, favorite drink is an Old Fashioned, and I love to quote movie lines randomly in conversations.

Tremendously missing my family back home, but hoping to make them proud. See you out there on social media!

Twitter: @Yolitzma_

Instagram: yolitzmagik

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  1. I love being a witness to all of your accomplishments!!! Keep living the dream and most importantly, keep making us proud!!! #latinaleader

  2. Do you have an email contact? Thank you.