Podcast: Your Favorite Media: From CEO to CE-nOpe: expanding a business, redesigning happiness.

There is supposed to be a certain shame associated with the folding of a company or having the desire to leave what others consider to be “a really good job“.

I remember my ex-wife’s parents freaking out and guilting her whenever she considered leaving Google in the pursuit of her lesser paying dream: that of being a drummer. I’m blessed to have a family that knows that my attachment is to enjoying life, working on my self, sharing with others. The money comes. The money goes. Who I am stays.

It’s a shame that in our culture happiness takes a back seat to titles. Why do most humans get self-worth from what we do instead of who we are?

Secretly, a few weeks ago, I began the search of hiring someone to take on my position as Main Boss Lady to YourFavoriteMedia.com. I’m ready to focus on bringing in new clients and having another person, and the team, deliver the services. I realized, after having another major life change, that my life needed to be redesigned away from running this company.


My mom has asked some pointed questions about this choice. She didn’t understand why I would be interested in, say, bartending over having a perceived fancy title of “CEO”. The truth is that at some point working behind a computer became boring and lonely. Some of you may think it is insane to discuss these sentiments publicly. I suppose that on some level it is. However, I am passionate about designing my life and it would be hypocritical to tell you that the world of digitas (this might be my own word) remains impelling. It no longer is for me.

In order to be successful, one must possess a strong interest in the ever-changing online marketing systems. More than interest, being great at one’s job in this industry demands the willingness to be immersed in online life. Therefore, it makes sense to hire someone that is better at my job than I am (we have located someone that is very well versed in google products, Social Media Development and Management, is an award winning writer, and has experience leading small teams).

Making The Decision Not To Lead.

Currently, there is no way to hire a director of my company and pay myself. YourFavoriteMedia.com will need to grow if I’m to depend on residuals that allow me to sit on my haunches and collect a handsome check. We will grow with our new plan in mind. I will continue to be involved with client relations – and ensuring that the quality is still being met. I’ll hire new folks responsible for bringing in clients. I’ll invest in marketing now that the bones for my system are in place. I’m excited about this change!

I love working directly with people and animals! Have a doggy day care and puppy academy? Maybe jump into the world of illustrating, writing, making videos! I’ve always loved Bartending…

Sharing with you these new potentials brings me to: thirdly, I need the journey to new goals in order to remain happy. Therefore, new experiences and opportunities.

What’s Your Plan, Peter Pan?

In order to get back to enjoying daily rhythms steps were taken to redesign them. Firstly, I identified the kind of work that inspires me to be a brighter (as in energetically and not ‘intelligence’) human being. Secondly, self care indicated that more creativity was necessary in these daily routines. Lastly, goal setting was imperative in order to inject movement.

Identifying Enjoyment in Work.

As some of you may know, I study positive psychology, Flow, and the science of happiness. Recently, I’ve been applying this knowledge and accompanying local execs and small business entrepreneurs as they pursue their next goals or personal dreams. I serve as a companion of sorts that keeps people accountable in their forward movement. I LOVE doing this kind of work. It is the perfect fusion of behavioral work and business strategy. It is possible to build this into a different area of YourFavoriteMedia and/or perhaps an independent pursuit.

What it Means to Be More Creative.

Also, I made a promise to myself to delve into creativity. Therefore, a call for priority shifting from thinking about doing to executing on the following: Recording podcasts for small businesses, leading meditations, publishing the books that sit ignored in my journals, drawing/designing children’s books, greeting cards, etc. There is the matter of finishing my Master’s program and the last phase of conceptual design for the Southwest Surf Ranch, too. I will need to start hitting up brands for their exclusivity contracts soon.

Finally, goal setting – designing happiness.

I partly set goals because of who I have to become in order to accomplish them. It takes new discipline, a further exploration into counter-intuitive behavior. It is through the journey of accomplishing goals where happiness is born. Writing this article was a mini-goal.

Even during guided meditations it is important to set an intention for the time we spend with ourselves. Jim Rohn talked about designing our futures. Understanding the price to get to those futures is easy once we know where we’d like to end up.

What’s more, with the changes for my company come specific, trackable goals. Firstly, grow revenue by one new account every month for the next three months. Secondly, grow by one new account bi-weekly in the fourth month (using our referral program and hiring new agents).

For creativity I have the following goals:

  1. Before Oct.2019 – <begin> Negotiating a contract to publish the book I wrote about my personal process within divorce.
  2. By Dec.2019 – Obtain three large brand commitments for a brick & mortar build out in the plans for Southwest Surf Ranch <#SWSR>boardwalk, ranch and surfable beach.
  3. Before Dec.2019 – Obtain an influencer partnership contract with one pro-circuit female surfer for #SWSR.
  4. Sell 320 Southwest Surf Ranch Project hats –ElPasoSurf.com/buytosupport
  5. 2 Months time – Sell 100 teeny tiny cards, 50 large sized posters of those cards -and have one distribution contract.
  6. Increase podcast listenership by 2% every month for the following:

Sharing this path may place me in a financially vulnerable place. However, it feels right. I have clients that are daring to take leaps into becoming entrepreneurs. It seems appropriate to share my own jump. There is nervousness with any type of change (for me) and it feels good to put it somewhere. I know that yourfavoritemedia.com provides commitment to our client goals and success. In fact, most of my clients become close acquaintances or friends. I want them to feel that they have a cheerleading squad behind them. Starting a business is daunting, running a business can be exhausting. I love the part of client relations where we help others see the light, lead a strategic change. This one is ours. I’m excited about it and it feels good to share it.



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Monica Riehl is the Founder of YourFavoriteMedia.com and FREE business podcasts. She is currently working on a project to bring a surfable beach and boardwalk designed with the family in mind to our Borderland. She has two dogs named Cecil and Love.