v Technology Cultivator Award - Arturo Ordaz, Mesa Vista Elementary School, Ysleta ISD

Ysleta ISD educator honored by STTE, CREEED

The Success Through Technology Education (STTE) Foundation and CREEED recognized the exceptional accomplishments of eight El Paso-area educators as part of the 2021 STTE Foundation/CREEED Teacher Awards, and one Ysleta ISD staffer was honored.

The tv Technology Cultivator Award was bestowed upon Ysleta ISD’s Arturo Ordaz, Mesa Vista Elementary School.

Educators recognized during the awards show displayed their dedication to students and families throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by developing creative solutions to ensure children continued to learn and grow, even in virtual learning environments.

“Specifically, today’s winners have excelled at encouraging students to pursue careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) fields, providing innovative approaches to curriculum, afterschool programming, and access to various means of professional development to students in the El Paso region,” district officials shared.

Serving as the event’s lead sponsor, CREEED reinforces its dedication to supporting educators in the region by investing in key initiatives and establishing programs that help teachers enter, train, and advance within the profession.

“When we initially formed CREEED in 2014, we knew that if we sought to improve student attainment in our schools, there needed to be a sharp focus on supporting teachers in their development as educators,” said Richard A. Castro, Chairman of CREEED.

“We are pleased to have partnered with key community organizations, like the STTE Foundation, to continue our work and make an impact on our region’s educational and economic trajectory.”

The 2021 STTE/ CREEED Teacher Awards was also sponsored by El Paso Electric, TFCU, Texas One Gas, WestStar Bank, and Western Tech. For more information,click here. The full awards show is also available on STTE’s SayWhat.TV YouTube channel.