YISD - Ysleta ISD Building - Photo Courtesy of YISD
Ysleta ISD Building - Photo Courtesy of YISD

Ysleta ISD wins first-ever JET grant in EP for Bel Air HS nursing program

Ysleta ISD wins first-ever JET grant in EP for Bel Air HS nursing program

The Ysleta Independent School District is the first district in the El Paso area to win a $233,154 grant through the Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) Jobs and Education for Texans (JET) program, and it will go toward buying high-end training equipment for the Center for Health Professions at Bel Air High School.

Ysleta ISD was among 41 recipients of this year’s JET grant, which helps fund projects that develop training programs to prepare Texans across the state for jobs in new, emerging industries, and high-demand occupations.

Specifically, Ysleta ISD’s Jet $223,154 grant will help Bel Air High’s Center for Health Professions purchase and install the following high-end training equipment for its nursing program:

  • 3D virtual dissection anatomy table: A comprehensive tool that allows students to explore anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the body on a display that simulates a patient on a table, and can be projected to a screen for large groups. It provides 2D and 3D views of four virtual cadavers, and over 1,600 3D scans that can be stored and viewed in multiple ways to support review, reinforcement, and comprehension.
  • Patient simulator “manikins”: Full-body scenario-based training manikins that provide basic to advanced simulations, allowing students to practice core skills, enhance clinical knowledge, practice patient safety, and experience highly realistic patient encounters that prepare students for providing patient care.
  • Silicone cadavers: Cadaver model that provides students with a realistic view and feel of the human anatomy. It offers a better representation of live tissue than a cadaver, with the advantage of lasting longer with proper maintenance, allowing students to study the physical body with its different components for further exploration, context, and understanding. 

“We are incredibly honored to be the first school district in El Paso to win a JET grant, as it will provide significant support toward our districtwide vision of preparing students to be college- and career-ready by the time they graduate from high school,” said YISD Career & Technical Education (CTE) Director Fernando Marquez.

“This equipment will allow our students to explore without leaving their classrooms – it will provide more hands-on participation, more interactivity, and lesson flexibility to ensure understanding is achieved,” Marquez added. “Students find themselves drawn in, curious, and engaged when the learning becomes hands-on and true to life.”

JET grants were awarded to multiple public entities, including community college, technical institutes, state colleges, and independent school districts. 

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